Pave Create Colored Silica Sand

Pave Create colored Silica Sand

resistant ,  fight exposure, luster lasting and so on, is made of fine dolomite sand, it is colorful and fast color’s, is made of natural silica sand. It is colorful.
1. All kinds of uniform particle size, particle round, can be arbitrary grading.
2. Colour is rich and colourful, lasting beautiful, environmental protection.
3. Good solubility with all kinds of resin.
Colored Silica sand is applying above screed concrete and washing next day by acid wash then applying selar matt or glossy for more protection
Colored Silica sand is suitable for existing fine turf areas, Golf Greens and teas, winter sport pitches, General Landscaping projects. Silica Sand is most often used in Bunker,Turf,Golf courses, Tennis courts, Wall Texture, Fibreglass, Children’ Playground.
Co lour Sand is the perfect floral art sand and can be used in a variety of sand art projects. Our Colour sand can also be used to create colorful sand paintings or mosaics, and sand projects for home decor and gifting. Add that extra decorative dimension to paper Mach, jewelers, baskets, wood cut-outs, boxes, and plaques. A full range of beautiful colors gives you limitless design possibilities. And you can create a wider range of colors than the pre-mixed sand that is available… us for availability colors