Micro Topping (Skim Coat)

Micro topping
Renovation of old concrete with colored concrete layers not exceeding 3 mm thick

Just three mm of thickness, micro cement Micro topping allows you to renew existing surfaces on different bases (concrete, self-leveling, ceramic, wood…) without having to remove them.
Micro topping is extremely resistant to changes in climate, easy to clean and fast to install. It is also perfect where under floor heating is used.
From continuity to your ideas: goodbye to visible joints and interruption lines
Micro topping is the ideal solution for those who do not like visible joints as it allows you to create continuous surfaces, both internally and externally, without visible joints.
Its extraordinary features make it ideal for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, such as plasterboard or masonry walls, stairs, bathrooms and shower enclosures. Micro topping gives space to your ideas without interrupting lines.
Micro topping floor (2 base coats + 2 finish coat)
A. Surface preparation
B. Primer application
1. Application of Micro topping in 2 coats
2. Sanding and cleaning of the Surface
3. Application 1st coat of Micro topping
4. Sanding and cleaning of the surface
5. Application 2nd coat of Micro topping
6. Sanding and cleaning of the surface
7. Application of Ideal PU WB

Top Counters& Furniture
Colored plastering for top counters and wooden seats and furniture with thicknesses not exceeding 3 mm in door &out door.
MDV kitchen countertops have exclusive Properties that Contribute to safety, Confidence and hygiene to a space where you spend more time. MDV has made the Countertops the wide Range of colors and Textures create a unique environment where you can unleash your creativity. Your kitchen indoor and outdoor and barbeque area can be a unique space harmoniously integrated with custom-made Style thanks to MDV
Concrete countertops are a handcrafted surface popular in kitchens that offer complete customization. With concrete you can have a functional and beautiful countertop in small and large kitchens alike. The ability to create counters in the color, finish, size and shape of your choice is amazing. Casting a concrete countertop yourself is a very complex DIY project. The counters shown here were created by professional contractors in a shop with specialized tools and equipment.

MDV has built the Integrity Skin to provide your kitchen with continuity. Without joints, without cracks, without limits. Integrity is the First skin that can be totally integrated with your kitchen counter tops. It includes all the characteristics that have Made MDV a revolutionary product.

Renovation flooring concrete steps  

One of the smart solutions provided by Manarolla is the renovation of the floors and the beautification of the beautiful colors and enchanting colors without removing or casting new floors, we only grinding the concrete floors with special machines and then make them clad with cement materials not exceeding the thickness of 3 m and multiple colors, or epoxy which is different in terms of suitability of the place and if a place.