Manarolla-vertical stamped overlay for internal and external walls

Vertical stamped overlay for internal and external walls

Available in variety of colors and design with excellent conduct to protect both the external and internal walls its applied to existing plaster, masonry ,plaster board ,ets. after being stamped with similar shapes smacks of stone,brick,wood,etc. farther construction of stamped wall and brick create you don’t need any preparation .its necessary only water ,ready to made plaster and special stamps,which are available in unnumbered decorative stamping pattern, with thickness from 5 mm until 5 cm

General Stamp Process

  1. Surface preparation
  2. Concrete placing and leveling
  3. Application and incorporation of Color Hardener
  4. Finishing and smoothing of the surface
  5. Application of the Powder release agent
  6. Imprinting and finishing
  7. Washing of the surface
  8. Application of a protective sealer