Epoxy Car Parking

Epoxy Car Parking



MANAROLLA DECORATIVE VILLAGE Epoxy Solvent Free Coating is a high quality high build two component solvent free epoxy coating for application to new and existing concrete floors. It provides a smooth, easily cleaned surface which is resistant to dirt, moisture, oil, light-medium abrasion and chemical attack.

Epoxy Floor Finish

*-Epoxy Industrial &Car Parking.

*-Epoxy Rood Marking.

*-Epoxy Resinous Flooring.

*-Epoxy Resinous3D Flooring.

*-Epoxy Grout.

1- Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coating for Drive way and parking area &road marking.

2- Solvent Free Epoxy for Skirting.



3D Epoxy

3d epoxy flooring at your interior design became the new part or amazing interior design right now , if you want to decorating your home living or just want to decorating your bathroom , bedroom , your living room or even your garage ,you can decide to use 3d epoxy flooring to be a part of decoration your home sweet home.

it is 3d looking an glossy ,some uninformed technique of home decoration that can be customize motive depending of your need and preference , we sure you will be like to have this 3d epoxy flooring cozy and will make your home allive .

3d motive , shiny surface and topcoat with mirrored effect will make a fantastic home floor, you can decorate it with everithing you want scenery , coral reef , fish pond , waterfalls , or whatever you want . you have to choose the right motive especially for your kid’s room , choosing the right motive will greatly help the child to feel at home, making him comfortable and will increase his passion for learning

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EpoCrete 250

Solvent-Free Epoxy Floor Coating

A high performance, two components, 100% solid content epoxy resin floor coating that cures to a glossy finish with or without anti-skid properties for ultra-high abrasion resistance requirements.

EpoCrete 250W

Water Based Epoxy Coating

A high performance, low VOC, two component, high solid content colored epoxy coating that is ideal for applications where high chemical resistance and environmental friendliness are important, such as bottling plants, laboratories, and hospitals.


EpoPrime 100

Epoxy Floor Primer

A clear, high solid content, low viscosity epoxy primer used as a base coat for receiving an epoxy floor coating system.

EpoPrime EP/EP1

Solvent-Based Epoxy Floor Primer

A clear, economical, low viscosity epoxy primer used as a base coat for receiving an epoxy floor coating system.

We are ready to carry out epoxy coating works in all projects and in very large areas within the required specifications for each project and the time required.