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ART Crete plaster


Concrete wall texture with colored plaster. Beautiful design facade painted plaster walls with small pits of various shapes.

The Manarolla presents the colored plasters with more than 100 natural indelible shades. The colored plasters of Manarolla are applied after the base coat at the stage of marble plaster, completing the construction without the need to paint the building. The colored plasters are flexible, not crack, not peel and not detached. Based on the traditional ceramic dust, the pozzolan and other natural materials, the colored plasters create a shield of protection against the moisture and the water, and at the same time they allow to the components to breathe. The aesthetics of the colored plasters by Manarolla is special because of the natural materials, the shades and the textures. The consistent quality and the shades of the colored plasters after years are our commitments.


Can be applied after the base plaster, for indoor and outdoor use, Very high resistance Waterproof
Final colored surface
In 100 stable natural shades, indelible in time
Playback capability of colors in any quantity and time
Custom made shades and textures
Manufactured product with stable quality
Proper application by specialized workshops

Uses ….. Walls,
Special advantages
Prepared final surface without the need for paint
Creating surfaces with ‘natural water texture’
Natural shades that are included harmony in the architectural landscape of the area