Hairline Cracks In Stamped Concrete Flooring!

Hairline cracks in Stamped Concrete Flooring!

There are some tips and advice’s must be taken into consideration to guarantee that hairline cracks will not appear on stamped concrete surface while executing work. And here are some tips to prevent this phenomenon as follows:

  • Assure that concrete mix must comply with specifications. Concrete mix should contain the proper sizes and percent of aggregate and insure that the fiber is added to concrete mix and its temperature.
  • Insure concrete mix ingredients are proper and this is by manufacturer papers that shows the time frame between loading time and delivery time in which it doesn’t exceed 2 hours.
  • Choose the right time to execute works, it is preferred to execute in morning or afternoon were the temperature is not at the highest.
  • Consider wind movement while casting.
  • While casting concrete water shouldn’t be added whatever the reason is and if is noticed that the concrete mix is not matching the work requirement, it should be return to the manufacturer.
  • Do not rush as well as do not delay, Choose the right time to add color hardener to concrete mix.
  • The most important is to choose the right time to stamp the concrete.

We will talk briefly soon about each point to avoid this common problem.